Reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn

For such a long time, if you wanted to create a start-up, you had to go to Silicon Valley. It was the synonym for business. But, recently with the entrepreneur focus moving around the country, some other options appeared for those who aspire to be successful. Brooklyn and New York, in general, have been the host of banking, advertising, building and other businesses very successfully. So, if you are looking for a place to start a business, we will show you why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn.

Why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn? Because of its fast development, diversity and choices.

Brooklyn is the place where your start-up can grow

Diversity – one of the reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the borough of diversity and distinctiveness. For the longest time, people from different cities and countries have flocked here to find their success. This means that in Brooklyn, you will find different audiences and different clients. From hipsters with long beards, who ride wooden bicycles, creative artists who sell restyled old items and artworks to tech-people with incredible business ideas. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered that moving to Brooklyn will be a hard time for your start-up to find its way – we assure you that it is not going to be a problem.

Different neighborhood for particular businesses

One of the reasons why Brooklyn is so popular among young entrepreneurs is being able to choose from various neighborhoods. Basically, depending on what kind of business you are aspiring to, you choose a part of Brooklyn that suits you. Particular categories of entrepreneurship are welcome in different parts of Brooklyn, so you may pay attention to that as well. The starting point of your search should be the question: “Who are the customers I want to attract?” the answer will give you the first guidelines:

  1. Families with kids – looking for a suitable family-friendly location? Notice the strollers, playgrounds and kids’ stores. If your business falls under the category of kids retails, kids hair salons, toy shops, a good part of Brooklyn may be Park Slope and commercial areas of 7th and 5th Avenues.
  2. Night owls – opening a bar, cafe or a restaurant? Search for places with music and art, like Williamsburg.
  3. Techies – of course, the home of the tech companies is definitely Dumbo. It offers buildings with big, open office spaces attractive among talented young entrepreneurs. It has become a  popular place since it started to change from a simple warehouse part of the city to a chic, tech neighborhood, close to the city.

Why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn – finding good staff in Brooklyn is easy

Wherever you decide to start a business, finding a great staff can be a challenge. Furthermore, trying to do that in a city where you moved recently is tricky and may be a problem. Talented people who want to work with you can be difficult to find in other cities, but the situation in Brooklyn is different. The reason for that is that huge number of talented people come to Brooklyn to find a job. This includes artists, technology-related experts, and others. You have so many choices. The truth is, you will probably have to interview a lot of them, but you will have a lot to choose from.

Attracting and keeping customers

People from Brooklyn are most of the times very supportive of the local businesses, which is a great reason why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn and start a business there. The support and loyalty are a good thing when you work there for a long time, but how to attract new customers if you are coming from another city, and keep them for a long period of time? Marketing and promotion are important, even before you choose a location. You can do that through many festivals and community events, where you can promote your business and products, and see who are the people who will support you. It can be a kind of a test to check what people react to the most, and a chance to meet locals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Advertising in Brooklyn

One may think that traditional marketing is probably the best one. However, with the new age of technology, internet, and social media, a new style of communication with your customers is booming, especially in Brooklyn. You can check at special counseling companies for start-ups and get some advice as well. Either way, with age of internet and social media, this is probably your major advertising technique. Social networks like Twitter or Instagram, can help you a lot and attract many locals, as well as others just visiting Brooklyn. There are different ways you can earn loyalty, like free meals or drinks for those who promote your web page, check-in at your location or make the best photo of your product. Share information about the events, new promotions and products, and engage your followers. Brooklyn is the best place to use the most of the current internet popularity.

Easy advertising is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn

Social media is now the best ‘word of mouth’ and helps spread the word about your start-up


Why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn- prices are not high

Everyone would think that New York, and particularly Brooklyn, have high prices because it is a popular location. The truth is, buying an apartment, a house, renting an office space or finding cheap storage in Brooklyn is no more expensive than some other ‘business centers’ like San Francisco for example. So again, one more reason why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn and not have a fear of it.

Prices in Brooklyn are not as high as you may think, and this may be one of the reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn

Financial side is one more reason why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn


The place that kept changing and kept growing even through the recession period is something you really need to think about. Young creative talents, immigrants and brave entrepreneurs made it happen for Brooklyn even through difficult economic times. It has become an entrepreneurial heart, for brave startups in different fields – filmmakers, small creative business, restaurants, law firms, tech openings, etc.So now is the time for you to start browsing attractive locations, good moving companies Brooklyn and attracting your future clients and make your success as an entrepreneur in Brooklyn.

February 20, 2018

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