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Office relocation is not easy. When companies relocate their offices they often do so with many mishaps, with a lot of noise and something always ends up broken. However – with our handy office relocation tips – things will get much easier!

Of course, it’s really difficult to have the relocation of any kind without a single mistake. However, you should have a goal to do the whole thing with as little disruption as possible.

When you start gearing up for relocation, you need to think about your neighbors too. Every eventuality should be prepared for if you want successful aftermath.

Seeing that all of this may sound scary, look below at some of the handpicked tips that will help you move everything in the best way possible.

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Are you ready to move your office?



You should never underestimate the importance of preparing well in advance.

Start assessing needs and finding a new space at least 8 months ahead of the actual move. You may think that 8 months is a lot of time but bear in mind that selecting a space that fits your needs, both immediate and anticipated is a huge job on its own.

As soon as the board approves the move, start laying down the groundwork. If your organization is too big, appoint a project manager to oversee the entire process and ensure that the new space is being prepared as the old space is being cleared.

Carefully create a budget for the move, decide what your spending priorities should look like and set up channels of communication to ensure that everyone involved is kept in the loop.

Clear out unnecessary stuff

When you become 100% sure that you will be relocating, start clearing unwanted items and old files you don’t really need.

If you have important documents that may be of use one day, scan them. You don’t need everything in hard copy, right?

A box.

Read our office relocation tips and learn how to handle your commercial move in no time.

This may seem like an insignificant amount of paper but you will see that moving costs can really pile up if there’s a lot of paperwork. Eliminate as much as you can if you want to save some money while relocating.

Hardware upgrade

Take this chance before you move to upgrade hardware.

Your aim in this tip is to make the new space as efficient as possible. So, re-evaluate supplier contracts and renew or even change vendors.

Also, notify customers and clients of your decision. You shouldn’t forget to change the details on marketing tools like business cards, pens, and stationery with information on the new location.

These details are relatively minor compared to what’s in front of you once you set the relocation process in motion. So, start clearing these little things now before the actual move begins.

It’s easier later when you don’t have to deal with these small details on the go.

Careful with mover selection

You may think that finding a mover is not particularly difficult.

You just get online, search for reliable movers in your area and that’s it, right? Well, that’s not exactly the case.

Choosing movers is actually one of the most important steps. If you get this one wrong, you will really suffer grave consequences. So, yes – avoid fake office movers.

Look for a moving company that specializes in workplace moves. This branch is a world different from the residential moving.

Do your due diligence here, don’t just go for the first one that spurs up in your browser, consider at least a few companies and make them offers.

Do some digging about the mover you want to select, you could really save your business thousands of bucks this way. Other people’s reviews are sometimes the best marketing there is. So, you should look online and read other people’s testimonies. You can’t get fooled that way. Not easily, at least.

Don’t hesitate to ask your movers anything – one of the best office relocation tips 

Once you narrow down the list of your potential movers, call and ask a few questions.

You should learn how your movers will protect your flooring, carpeting, walls, and doorways during the move.

If you worked in a big office, you may want to look into liability insurance. This kind of insurance will help you sleep better during the relocation process.

Bear in mind that the movers will take care of the physical relocation, but it’s on you to make sure that they move only what you are really going to need at the new office. It’s also up to you to make sure that they don’t damage anything during the process.

You should move without any traces of damage into a new space where you need to start working again as soon as possible. The company has to be back in business quickly.

Be wise with packing

You also need to be smart when packing.

For your own packing, go for boxes no larger than 2 cubic feet in volume. Anything larger could cause lifting injuries.

On top of that, devote extra attention to tech components. The gadgetry should be packed with wrap in crates specifically designed for the job. You know, if you are an IT company, breaking some expensive equipment can not only cost you the replacement of that equipment but also the data that’s on it.

The best way to do this is to find a moving company that has a system in place that organizes all of this for you.

But, even if they do have something of that sort, you should be there to oversee this yourself.

Office relocation tips 101: Label everything

You should label every single thing! Everything!

You should be prepared with extension cords, outlet strips, and CAT 5 cable. The aim here is that these connections can be set up before outlets are obstructed by office furniture.

Also, get your employees involved. You don’t have to do mundane tasks alone. Actually, you shouldn’t. Labeling is not difficult but it’s fair to say that it’s boring. Quite boring.

Take an hour or two out of your employee’s workday and start involving them with labeling and other important packing tasks.


Our office relocation tips will make this process enjoyable for you.

Let our office relocation tips make things simple for you.  

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