Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh is definitely a big deal. You have to plan a lot and to coordinate with people and other details. Relocation like this should not be done impulsively. But, also, it shouldn’t be hard and overwhelming for you.

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh should be easy as much as it possible. You will have easy and stress-free moving if you hire Pittsburgh moving company to help you with moving process.  With a team of experts, your transition will go smoothly. Years of experience in business relocations are the key to the successful moving process. Professionals will plan and organize everything for you. With the right guidance, planning, and preparation it can be a smooth transition and everyone can enjoy.

Facts about Pittsburgh

  • Pittsburgh has affordable standard of living
  • Great healthcare facilities
  • Most Livable City in America
  • Friendly neighborhoods
  • Many people love to call Pittsburgh home
  • Whether you’re building your career, moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh, raising a family or enjoying your retirement, Pittsburgh is a great place to call home.

We want to help you to relocate your company from San Diego to Pittsburgh and that’s why we have created this business move checklist.

No matter if you hire commercial movers Pittsburgh for your business relocation, or you handle move on your own, this checklist will help you plan all the moving process.

Businesschecklist will help you plan all the moving process

You need to have a business move checklist for your business relocation

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh checklist

If you want to avoid mistakes during moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh you should start making a checklist you need to do before and during the move. If you plan well in advance and buy supplies that you’ll need, your moving day will go smoothly. Also, before you move your business to Pittsburgh, check your new place at least twice. Check your phones and Internet and obtain permits you need. It is not simple – to pack and move, that’s why you need to follow your checklist.

3 Months before business move to Pittsburgh

  • Select a move committee
  • Establish a preliminary relocation budget
  • Coordinate moving with your IT provider or support person
  • Contact your telephone provider to get new numbers or relocate existing.
  • Check if any equipment in your business requires specialized or approved vendors to move it. This refers to equipment like a lab, some electronics, copiers etc.
  • Check your lease if you need to restore and return the current space to your landlord.
  • Contact your telecommunications/data provider to schedule a cut-over date.
  • Hire a reliable mover by interviewing 2-4 companies to pick the right one.
  • Order new business cards, forms, and other marketing materials.
  • Update your website, email signatures, and any place else where your address appears
  • Notify your clients of change of address.
  • Contact the post office, your bank, and vendors for a change of address.
  • Contact the IRS and other important institutions for a change of address.
  • Notify your insurance carrier of change of address and new office requirements.
When you are moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh, hire reliable moving company

Hire reliable movers for your business relocation

1 Month Prior to Business Move

  • Think about labeling scheme
  • Prepare plans
  • Discuss and agree on move insurance
  • Create public relations campaign for your new office in Pittsburgh
  • Think about office-warming party
  • Determine security procedures for the move

2 Weeks before Business Move

  • Finalize move schedule
  • Buy packing material
  • Prepare your employees for the new space in Pittsburgh
  • Create a list of emergency contacts, cell phone numbers, management, etc.
  • Select cleaning vendor for post-move.

Week of Business Move

  • Tag and label destination site using room numbers and equipment IDs.
  • Finalize all move schedules and distribute to move the team.
  • Distribute new security ID card key entry badges.
  • Prepare your team for all procedures at the new location.

Day of Business Move

On the day of moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh you need to:

  • Confirm that move is on schedule
  • Coordinate your team during relocation
  • Check if any goods or walls are damaged during the move
  • Don’t forget keys and access cards for new place in Pittsburgh
  • Make employee welcome packets and give them a new destination.
  • Enjoy your new space!
Enjoy your new business space

When you open your new business location give your employee welcome packets

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. Here are extra tips to help you plan your move.

Donate Office Equipment and Items You Do Not Need

When you are relocating your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh it is a great time to donate all office supplies you no longer need. Things like old phones, copiers, printers, PCs and office furniture. So, you don’t need to pay for moving items you don’t need. It is better to recycle them and donate.

If You Are Moving Yourself Start Packing Early

If you are moving your business by yourself, start packing on time. Don’t underestimate the time. Start planning and packing as soon as possible.  If you have a large inventory of items, then you will need more time to pack these items. Also, if you want to save on packing costs, you can find used boxes and supplies.

Mark Your Boxes

If you want to move items quickly and to unpack them in short time, you should mark your moving boxes. When you label your boxes you will find items that you need quickly. But, if you have hundreds of boxes, you can have a numbering system. In this way, you will avoid losing items on the move, especially if you hire a moving company. When you have a number of box and description of what is inside them you can easily make a claim if the moving company loses any box during the move.

Before you relocate your business to Pittsburgh, label all the boxes

Label all the moving boxes before your business relocation

Moving Computers, cables and Computer Monitors

If you are relocating many computers, cables, and monitors, you need to know how to pack them properly. Everything should be wrapped and taped. Also, protect your computers with heavy blankets wrapped in tape. But, also, if you want to be sure, the best way to protect your data is to purchase a removable hard drive or you can use online service to backup all computers before you move them.

When you remove computer cables, put them in large zip-locked baggies and write on the baggie which computer they belong to.

You should also pay attention when you are packing and moving other electronics. They are all sensitive to computers. So, if you want to avoid damaged pack them carefully and follow our instructions.

Get Insurance

When you are moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh it is important to get insurance. So, when you are hiring moving company ask them about insurance coverage options to protect your belongings.

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