Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego

Moving business anywhere can be a tough choice sometimes. But, if you have decided to move it you should have any information possible. Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego can be the best choice you have made in your whole life. But there is catch as for everything in life. That catch is that you have to have an answer to all those questions that are appearing in your head. Is the rent cheaper there for my office? How is the competition? How will I like my office neighborhood? So many questions that you need to find the answer for.

palm trees in sunset

Moving business from Silicone Valley to San Diego will make you see a lot of scenery like this

Rents in San Diego for Business spaces

You can be sure that moving your office to San Diego is a good choice. Reports say that in the last eight years there has been a positive study of the growth of rents for offices in San Diego. The reason is that rents are not high, they are manageable and of course, everything depends on the location and you will know that you need a good, more expensive place to manage your future business. But if your business is something that doesn’t necessarily needs a good location then you have It all. You know that a lot of tech companies are actually created in Silicon Valley and that is something that can keep you there but why not try your luck somewhere else.

After moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego you shouldn’t think about the competition

It all depends on what exactly is your line of business. If your job is, for example, publishing and marketing, then yes your competition can be big. But, it can’t be worse than being an IT expert in Silicon Valley, from where all the largest IT companies are coming from. Point is, you shouldn’t be worried about your competition. When moving your business from Silicon Valley to San Diego the only thing you should think about is how to improve your job and success will come.


As we mentioned before it all depends on what are you doing with your business. Location doesn’t have to be that important but it can also mean everything. So, it’s up to you to think where would you like to continue developing your business. You need to find all the possible information about the prices. Rent will be expensive if you want your office to be in the center of San Diego. You should inform yourself on where could be the best neighborhood in San Diego for your office.

Find out where you can have your business meetings

Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego can be exciting and fun. When you arrive in San Diego, check your new surroundings, see where is what. You will have business meetings as you did when your office was in Silicon Valley, so be prepared. You don’t want to have some important lunch appointment and you leave the wrong impression by taking your potential clients to a near McDonalds restaurant. That being said, here are some suggestions on some good restaurants in San Diego you should check out for your future meetings:

  • Maestoso (Italian food)
  • Born & raised (a bit expensive)
  • Cloak & Petal (if you want to take them to Tokyo while in San Diego)

These are only a few of the variety of restaurants that San Diego has to offer for situations like you will encounter.

table with glasses and plates

San Diego has great restaurants

Business name

Think about the name. Do you want it to stay the same as it was? If the name of your business contains San Valley, then you should probably think about changing it. Everything will be new for you, so why not changing the name as well. And if you add San Diego into your new name it would be great. Because you will show to local people that you are one of them now.

Find professional advice

Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego should make you reconsider a lot of things. And one of most important thing is that everything is done right and legally. Do your research and find a great experienced agent who can help you and who will know how to advise you properly. That can’t be easy. To find someone with confidence and who will not charge some absurd amount of money. So, ask around, make yourself busy. Also, when you move you need to avoid fraudulent moving companies. 

Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego has to make you think about your employees

Think about the future employees

Do you have employees?

This is something that you should think about very well before you even decide on moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego. If someone is depending on you, you need to think is it ok to go. In the best case, your employees will want to come along but those chances are very slim. Especially if they have families. If you can provide the place to stay at first it would be great, but that financial matter. If you don’t have conditions to take them with you then, unfortunately, you will have to part ways. Once you move to San Diego, work on meeting people as much as possible, so at the end of the day you can get some great recommendations from people you started to hang out with, so you can have new employees. You can find great employees anywhere as long as you are a great employer.

Moving is a part of life. Moving business from Silicon Valley to San Diego will make you swim in some new water that could be the greatest decision of your life. But you can also fail. You can never know if you don’t try. So, buckle up and go and develop your business even more, even further. Today San Diego, tomorrow it can be Silicon Valley again, or some new exciting place where you can make it work.

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