How to move high-value items?

It is time for moving, but what about valuable items? How to move high-value items safe? Before moving, packing and a totally new life, learn how to prepare for your upcoming move. Yes, moving can be so difficult and stressful but it does not have to be and it is definitely worth it. So, now we will talk about moving your valuables safely without any damaging. Let’s see how you can accomplish that.

This is a moving truck when you want to move high-value items and other items.

The first you should do is to contact a moving company. They can help you with transporting any items, not just high-value items.

Protect your high-value items before the move

Before the move, you have to ensure your valuable items. To be clear, valuable items are not just the items which cost a lot of money. Sometimes the old vase from your grandmother can be the most valuable item you have. Even if it is not expensive. But, it could be easily damaged or broken. So, you need to protect them first.

Packing rules

It depends on what you move. Furniture, electronics, jewelry, arts or even documents. So, when it comes to breakable valuable items and packing them, this is what you should do:

  1. Get brand new and firm boxes. Do not use the old one. If the box is old then your items are not safe at all. The key is that box MUST be strong. If the box has a double bottom, that’s perfect.
  2. Labeling is very important when you move high-value items. But, do not write “jewelry” on the box
  3. Packing material includes a packing paper (for example newspaper) and bubble plastic foil. Prepare a lot of packing material. Bubble foil s the most important thing if the item is fragile. Also, you should pack properly expensive clothes or shoes.
  4. When you put a high-value item in the box, close it with high-quality tape. Then, when you see how many boxes you have you can calculate the costs of your relocation.

Maybe, the safest solution is to leave the packing of the high-value items to the moving and packing company. Sometimes is a must, because it is difficult to prepare a piano, for example, for moving and to move it by yourself. Do not be cheap with stuff like this. If you do, there is a great chance that you will pay a lot more in the end.

2 moving boxes.

Protect your items well before the move. Especially if the items are fragile.

Move high-value items safely – tips

How to move these complicated items? What should you do before a moving day and finally how to transport them? Well, follow these simple steps and your valuable items are safe and protected. Remember, better safe than sorry. 

Take an inventory

First, determine what is valuable for you or for your family. Take pictures of each valuable item you have and also write it all down. It is important to have a visual proof that you had that item if something goes wrong during a move. Accidents happen, so be prepared for the worst.

Get insurance for high-value items

When you move high-value items, insurance is a must. You never know what can happen, unfortunately. As we mentioned before, better safe than sorry. Insurance will give you a little peace. So, contact your insurance company and check what should you do. Maybe your current home insurance covers it. Of course, every reliable moving company has insurance, but ask them do you need some extra insurance for high-value items. If something goes wrong, do not worry too much if you are insured. We hope nothing bad going to happen and you will not need any insurance but, get it just in case.

Keep the small valuables with you

What should you do with small items? Just in case, keep them with you on a moving day.

A box with the jewelry.

Jewelry and documents you should keep with you on a moving day. It is the safest solution.

Small items such as jewelry, money, and documents take with you in your car or carry-on luggage if you will be in the plane. Keep them off the moving truck. Beware, your high-value items should be with you wherever you go. Large and heavy items leave to the moving company, especially if they need a special service. For example, some specific temperature. Vase, dining table, arts, electronics…a good and reliable moving company will take care of that. 

Check every item before the move

Pay attention, check them BEFORE and AFTER a move, not during a move. If you open your high-value box during a move, someone could steal it, or simple you can lose it. So, do not open it! Before the move take an inventory and after the move check if everything is there. If something is damaged, broken or lost, we hope you have an insurance. A list of high-value items may help you with checking.

Antique valuable vase.

Make a list and check everything before and after a move.

Choose a reliable and experienced moving company

It is simple to be a victim of fraud. So, they can steal all your items or damage it. Of course, you will probably need a moving company. If you cannot find experienced and a reliable moving company Master Moving Guide could do it for you. Tell them your requirements and their database will find a perfect moving company for you. It is the most important thing when moving. If the company is not reliable, and it does not have a license and insurance, do not hire them.

Precious collection, expensive suits, crystal vase, TV, jewelry…there are a lot of valuables you must move. But, now when you what to do when you need to move high-value items, it is much easier. Pay attention to the details, make a solid plan and hire a good moving company. That is the key. Good luck with your move.

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