Most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego

Are you ready for a change? A fresh start and a change of the scenery? If your plans for the future include great weather, outdoor lifestyle, beaches and a safe living environment, San Diego is a place to call home! Deciding to move to San Diego shouldn’t be a tough choice. However, when it comes to finding the right neighborhood for any move, things can get a bit more complicated. Moving on a budget can require a lot of planning and research. Our list of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego will most likely help you decide.

moving to one of the most affordable neighrobhoods in San Diego

Finding the best neighborhood should be your top priority when moving to San Diego

More than 40 million Americans move every year and most of them are not sure where to start when looking for a great neighborhood. The very first thing you should ask yourself when relocating is whether the chosen location fits your plans for the future, budget and the lifestyle.

Living in San Diego

San Diego is an amazing and diverse city with a constant 70 degrees weather. All of this makes SD a great relocation destination.

There is always something to do in San Diego!

As there are many more reasons why you should move to California, let’s see the San Diego lifestyle at a glance:

  • Great weather!

Summer, winter, spring or fall. 70 degrees is the approximate temperature you can expect when living in San Diego.

  • Outdoor and healthy lifestyle!

Great weather, beaches, and being close to the mountains and dessert provides San Diego residents with many outdoor activities. Therefore, it’s never boring in San Diego, and there is always something to do. In addition to amazing Californian beaches, San Diego has more than 300 parks and 40,000 acres of open space. Also, farmers markets are all around the city! Therefore if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, San Diego is the right place for you.

  • Low rents!

Comparing to other U.S. cities, San Diego has affordable housing. An average rent in San Diego is around $2,000.

  • Great education and family friendly!

San Diego has great public schools, which of whom some are considered to be the best in the country! In addition to great education opportunities, there are many activities for a quality family time, and many of them are free! San Diego Zoo should be the first place you visit after moving to San Diego.Therefore, as moving with children to San Diego will require finding interesting family activities, make sure you have an exploring plan for your relocation.

Lemon Grove- one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego

most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego

Moving to an affordable suburbian area in San Diego is possible!

Suburbian lifestyle, welcoming neighbors, and white picket fences are the dream for most of the American families. Therefore, if you are looking to move outside of a crowded city but still stay close to San Diego, this great neighborhood will feel like home.

Lemon Grove, one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego got named by its farmers’ community. Even though the citrus farming is a big part of the neighborhoods’ history, Lemon Grove has developed into a modern suburbian borough.

The median household income is $51,496 while the approximate house value is somewhere around $287,000.

Gaslamp Quarter, another great neighborhood to live in San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter, one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego, is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a safe living environment in the city.

Gaslamp Quarter is situated in Downtown San Diego and is perfect borough for singles, retirees and young professionals. This historical quarter is full of surprises. Therefore, this neighborhood is the home to nightlife venues, events, and festivals.Places like Spreckels Theatre are the locations to see and be seen.The historical importance of this community is best seen through its historical landmarks.

Due to the fact that median monthly rent in Gaslamp Quarter is $2,030, this borough is considered to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego.

Chula Vista- a neighborhood that will feel like a city itself

Chula Vista is another great neighborhood if you are looking to live outside of the downtown but still want to be close to the city. With the population of almost 250,000, Chula Vista seems like a city itself. Colorful and diverse culture, as well as the rich economy, make this borough a great place for your relocation.

Pacfic Beach-one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego

Low rent and safe living environment make Pacific Beach a great neighborhood for your relocation

Chula Vista in numbers

  • 243,916 is the population.
  • 7.5 miles away from downtown San Diego.
  • 7.5 miles away from the Mexican border.
  • 52.09 sq miles.
  • $351,500 median house value
  • $64,801 median household income

Pacific Beach! One of the safest and most affordable neighborhoods in San Diego

Are you a young single? Retiree? Or maybe looking for a family relocation destination? If the answer to any of those is YES, Pacific Beach will make a great home! Due to the affordable housing and safe living environment, this neighborhood is perfect for any life stage.

 Living in Pacific Beach at a glance


Median rent is $1,775. While median house value is $706,857. Affordable apartments, small family homes, luxury condos and beach houses. All of these are the housing options to choose from. Also, an important thing to know is that median household income annually is $81,906.


Pacific Beach is considered to be a safe neighborhood. Therefore, many families choose to move to this great borough. This is so due to the fact that its crime rate is 48% lower than in other parts of SD.


Due to the great Californian weather, there is always something to do in Pacific Beach! Visiting the boardwalk should, probably, be on the top of your list. Therefore, you can find fun activities all along from Crystal Pier to the Mission Beach. Also, if you ever feel like going away from the beach for picnics or barbecues, Kate Sessions Park is a close by location.

Annual Pacific Beach Fest is an especially relevant event you can’t afford to miss! Therefore, this festival is the perfect place to get to know the community, listen to great music or have some quality family time.

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