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    Moving with your family requires preparation. You have to plan your relocation, pack your possessions, and organize the entire process. In all this commotion you might be forgetting an essential part of each relocation – gathering important moving documents! If this is your first time moving, the chances are you are full of questions. Nevertheless, have no worries. We are here to answer all of your inquiries and prepare you for all situations.

    List of important moving documents

    To help you in this process, we compiled a list of important moving documents. Consequently, with our list you won’t have to search for yourself, spending hours trying to figure out everything. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you need to prepare for your move:

    • written moving estimate
    • order for service
    • “Your Rights and Responsibilities” document
    • Liability options document
    • bill of lading
    • inventory documentation
    • Statement of services
    • change of address
    • IRS tax deduction forms
    • School records for your children

    Although you might think that this is a lot to process, these are all essential documents required for your relocation. However, do not be frightened by the size of this list. We are going to tackle these together, on by one!

    Written moving estimate

    To illustrate, let’s say that you want to explore your options when relocating to Minnesota. For this reason, you will need a written moving estimate. It is a document provided by the moving company you pick.

    Likewise, within a moving estimate, you will get all the information regarding your relocation. For example:

    • transportation and storage charges
    • packing services
    • labor
    • insurance

    Furthermore, be sure to check which type of moving estimate you have.

    A non-binding estimate may be subject to change depending on the size of the move. Besides non-binding estimate, there is a binding estimate with a fixed price. The last one is a binding not-to-exceed estimate. It is customer-friendly. If your actual weight is more than what the estimate is, you will not be additionally charged. As a result, this is the most common type of evaluation.

    caution tape sign
    If your moving company doesn’t provide all important moving documents, it might be a scam

    Order of service

    Next on our list of important moving documents is Order of service. This document is attached to your bill of lading. Both you and your moving company sign it. It provides information about your moving estimate, pick up and delivery dates, or any other essential service.

    What are your rights and responsibilities?

    Your moving company also provides this document. It is a pamphlet which contains all information about how to handle complaints and questions regarding your move. If you don’t receive this document from your moving company, it is a sign of bad service. We urge you to avoid this company!

    Liability options document

    Liability options document is an addition to the “Rights and responsibilities”. It contains an additional explanation of liability options. For example, a moving company may be a subject to state transportation laws and not federal regulations. For this reason, they are required to provide additional info to their clients.

    To emphasize, there are two liability options required by federal lawReleased Value Protection and Full Value Protection.

    Bill of lading

    Bill of lading is the most important document you will need. It is a legal contract between you and the moving company. The content of this document should be the same as the Order of service. It is a receipt that lists all of your possessions, payment method, moving rate, insurance or mover information.

    A man signing a contract
    Bill of lading is one of the most important moving documents

    Inventory documentation

    This is a document issued by the driver. Once your possessions are in the truck, you will get an inventory of all your boxes. However, if you packed them yourself, the driver will sign it as PBO, which means Packed By Owner. Always check the inventory document before the move.

    To know more about these documents and general moving tips, we advise you to check City Moving and Storage MN.

    Statement of services

    Statement of services is a document you will receive after the delivery of your belongings. It includes the final cost of your shipment.

    Change of address

    Once you are at your new home, you are required to change your mailing address. You need to enter your contact information, old and new address, and the date for when the change will take effect.

    This process is completed via the United States Postal Service.

    Optional forms

    There are some optional important moving documents. For example, if you are moving your business, you may be able to claim moving expense deductions using IRS Form 3903. However, it is imperative that these expenses are related to starting a business at a new location.

    Also, if you donated some of your possessions, you can deduct these charitable donations from your taxes. Save your donation receipts and file them with your taxes.

    insurance sign
    Insurance comes in many forms, be sure that you get your own before moving

    Are you moving with children?

    Another example of an optional moving document is school records. If you are moving with children, request a copy of their school records. Those copies should include test scores, report cards, immunization records etc. You are required to submit them during the school transfer.

    You are ready to move!

    Now you can start gathering all the important moving documents. If you have any other questions, feel free to search online.

    Even though you have all the information, there is no need for you to do everything on your own. There are many families who already moved. Use their knowledge and find out what are their experiences.

    If you know any friend who recently moved, do not hesitate to ask them as well.

    And not only that, you can consult with your moving company. Ask them for anything you need, they will be more than happy to help.

    Have a safe and smooth relocation!