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    People often call San Diego the birthplace of California, and it is the oldest city in the state. Its population is about 1.4 million. In the metropolitan area live 2.3 million people, slightly less than in San Antonio, but slightly more than in Dallas. The city is located on the Pacific coast in Southern California, 190 kilometers south of Los Angeles. It is also very close to the border with Mexico. That brings the excitement in life in San Diego.

    life in san diego
    A lot of people want to live in San Diego

    The border with Mexico is a kind of entertainment for local people. For example, the San Diego youth goes to night parties in a nearby Mexican town where the legislation is less strict. This also applies to other advantages of visiting Mexico, where everything is much cheaper than life in San Diego. You can get to Mexico in a couple of seconds, but it may take several hours to go back.

    How people live in San Diego

    In life in San Diego, there is plenty of resort mood and sea. That is an ideal place in the USA to work and relax. For example, on the island of Coronado is the historic Hotel del Coronado. In that hotel was the shooting of the movie “Some like it hot” with Marilyn Monroe. On that island is the best beach in the city, and perhaps throughout California.

    Natural and climatic conditions, weather in San Diego

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    Wouldn’t you like it here?

    San Diego has very friendly climate. There are magnificent beaches and deep-sea port, which means this place is good even for the US Navy. San Diego is often in the top of the best regions of the US for farming and recreation. It has semi-arid climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. There are more than 200 days a year with temperatures that do not go below 68 degrees. It’s interesting to note that June in San Diego people call the “dark period”. But this gloomy period can continue until mid-July. Under the darkness is meant the microclimate, which is created by hills, mountains and canyons. In those areas cool and damp clouds cover San Diego completely. San Diego also has the highest biodiversity in the United States. There is a reason why here is the largest zoo, not only in the US, but in the world.

    Advantages and disadvantages of life in San Diego

    The main thing in San Diego is its climate and the sea. Imagine that you can live there all year round, and the summer never ends. Keep in mind that the summer there is very prosperous. That is California, perhaps the richest and most prosperous state, despite the fact that it was caught in a crisis. The most amazing thing is that in the rich environment live not only millionaires, but also ordinary people, including students. Each house has its own swimming pool. There can also be a tennis court and other infrastructure, which is peculiar to very prosperous people. Of course, it all costs a lot of money, so local real estate is one of the most expensive in the US. You need to find the right neighborhood for you. To help you, we offer you the list of best neighborhoods in San Diego.

    The disadvantage may be the dignity of life in San Diego. When it’s summer all year round, you notice that many people go, for example, in winter boots. This is an attempt to diversify their lives. They regularly decorate the streets with winter attributes on the Christmas Eve.

    Economy and business in San Diego

    The presence of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), with an affiliated medical center has helped make San Diego a center of research in biotechnology.

    If it’s good for the Navy, why not for you

    The economy of San Diego is based on the military industry. There is a large number of US military bases there. International trade, research, production and tourism bring in a large income. San Diego boasts the liveliest deep-sea port on the entire West coast of the country. In San Diego is the largest military – naval fleet in the world. There are about 60 warships and tens of thousands of sailors. About 5% of the city’s population in some way work for the US naval industry. Therefore, we can say that the economy of the city today entirely depends on defense contracts.

    Tourism in San Diego

    Annually, up to 32 million tourists visit San Diego. Furthermore, about 16,000 people work directly in tourism. San Diego is very popular among fans of cruise tourism. Really important is the San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. Also, sport fishing is another popular tourist attraction.

    Among the tourist attractions are: Balboa Park, Belmont Park with attractions, SeaWorld San Diego, Safari Park and the famous San Diego Zoo, which is the largest in the world. The Mission San Diego de Alcala and the Old Town San Diego are also interesting, where is a very large beer festival in November.

    Crime and security in San Diego

    Surprisingly, San Diego was able to achieve tremendous progress in security. San Diego is constantly recognized as one of the safest US cities since in 2010 there were 5,616 violent crimes and 30,753 crimes against property. On average, there are fewer murders and crimes against property in San Diego than in the entire US.

    Houses, apartments and real estate in San Diego

    In San Diego are the highest prices for real estate, but that is not surprising, because it is California. Prices cannot be affected by such factors as the huge number of illegal migrants from Latin America and a large number of homeless people on the streets.

    life in san diego
    You could live in one of these buildings

    The average price of a house in this city for 2016 is $520,000, the highest in America. In the last decade, the urban population has undergone great changes. Those who could not cope with the growth in house prices went to look for it in the depth of the country, where prices are much lower. As a result, many live next door in Riverside County, where house prices are much cheaper and drive to work in San Diego. We would like to note that earlier prices for local housing were even higher, with the peak in 2005, after that prices fell by 35%.

    San Diego is an old city, the oldest in California. Consequently, there is a historic architecture, many colonial buildings and even Spanish Gothic. There is also a small downtown in San Diego, where high skyscrapers did not appear only because of the proximity of the airport.

    As in any other city, life in San Diego has its pros and cons. And in order to decide whether to move to this city or not, you should think carefully about all of them, especially if you’re moving with children. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake.