Do you know how to move like a pro?

The idea of packing your suitcases to go on a holiday can already trigger pangs of anxiety. What to pack at the bottom? How to protect fragile items and prevent liquid cosmetics from ruining your clothes? And just when you think you’ve sorted all out, you come to realize you desperately need the hairdryer you stacked at the very bottom of your suitcase and cluttered with all kinds of stuff. How frustrating! And what if you have to pack all your belongings and make a new home for yourself? Before you start panicking, have a quick glance at the list of packing steps made by moving experts. With a few tricks, you can also move like a pro, smoothly and stress-free.

1. Make a to-do list

An empty notebook with a pen beside.

With so many things to remember, you better make a list before you start packing. That is, if you want to move like a pro!

There are so many things you need to remember. You can hardly do it properly without a to-do list. For example, when you’re moving, you’re starting a new life at another address. By saying another address, we literally mean you’re changing your home address! Before you leave your current home, don’t forget to inform everyone in due time so that you can receive your mail and subscriptions. If you make a list of things you ought to do several weeks in advance, you won’t miss these important details.

2. Choose a reliable moving company

Even though you will be tempted to do everything on your own, it really isn’t the best option. Relying on your friends and relatives to help you out may turn out to be even worse. They may duck out on you at the last moment or simply manage your stuff without proper care and knowledge. There are specialized companies like Heart Moving NYC with knowledge and experience in the local and long distance moving that can provide quality service and take the burden off your shoulders. While you’re new to this, moving experts know everything there is to know about the process itself and they can do it in half a time. More importantly, they do it with all the necessary care and caution and that is the only way to move like a pro.

3. Calculate your moving costs

A calculator, pen and paper with some kind of writing. - something you'll need if you are planning on moving like a pro

You can calculate the costs of moving online, and help yourself move like a pro

Moving costs often tend to exceed our expectations in a negative way. It is difficult to determine precisely how much money you need to set aside to complete the moving process. Luckily, you can get an estimate for your move online. It will help you get the whole picture and organize your finances in time. You can try to do it on your own, but all the odds are you will be flabbergasted when the bills start coming in.

4. Dispose of the clothes you don’t wear

Your wardrobe is full of clothes you never wear. Hole-riddled, worn-out or too old-fashioned for you to wear it ever again, it needs to be disposed of in order to make room in your new closet. You can donate the usable items to a charity organization or a family you know who may be in need and not offended by your kind offer. As for the unusable clothes, there are organizations and fashion brands which take part in textile recycling and would be glad to get your rags.

5. Have personal necessities and documents on you if moving to another state

The process of moving takes time, especially if you’re moving far away to another state. Moving your home or business to another state is particularly demanding and it can hardly be stress-free. You can’t be sure how much time you’ll need to spend without your belongings so be sure to have a bag with personal necessities on you. Toothbrush, basic cosmetics, clean underwear, cell phone charger and a set of clothes to change if necessary are must have in these situations. 

However, keep in mind that this kind of moving takes more than a pair of clean underwear. There are important documents you need to have on you. If you aim at moving to another state like a pro, you’ll need to prepare well in advance and most likely contact experts to help you with the process.

Documents you need to gather if you are planning to move like a pro

  • Medical records
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Social security card
  • Your vehicle title
  • Tax documents

6. Label electronics and matching cords

When you take a TV out of a box, you don’t need a label to tell you what it’s for. However, if you mix up cables and cords belonging to different electronic devices, you may end up spending days trying to match them to their respective pairs. Especially if you have extra cords you never use and you mix them all together. Label the cords before you set off and avoid the unnecessary waste of your precious time.

7. Protect fragile items

A package box with "fragile" sign inscribed on it.

Glassware and porcelain need special protection in transport

Reliable moving companies offer packing services together with storage and transport. However, if you choose to do this part of job on your own, you need to pay special attention to managing high-value items and fragile pieces. You can use newspapers and magazines to wrap glassware and fragile ceramic dishes you need to pack. If you have especially sensitive pieces of dinnerware, you can put them in socks or some other clean piece of clothing to provide extra protection.

When it comes to sharp objects such as kitchen knives, they also need special protection. You need to wrap them up carefully so they wouldn’t damage any nearby objects. Not to mention the fact that you may hurt yourself if you unexpectedly come across them when unpacking!

8. Defrost your fridge and freezer in time

Most fridges need at least eight hours to defrost. However, you also need to leave your fridge to dry properly before packing. This means you need to defrost your fridge and freezer at least 24 h before the day of the move. When the ice melts, wipe the inside carefully with a clean towel. If you fail to do these things before the packing day, you’ll end up with mold and unpleasant smell coming from your fridge.

Take your time and you’ll move like a pro

Packing and moving may seem as a kind of science when you start dealing with it on your own. However, if you pick a good moving company to complete the process, it’s much different. But most importantly, it takes time to do the job properly. Planning ahead and leaving enough time to overcome unexpected problems that may occur in the meantime is essential for a smooth moving process.

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