How to plan office relocation to San Diego?

Moving your office to San Diego comes with many perks, such as the great Californian weather. Amazing climate boosts your employees’ mood and that in turn helps your business. All jokes aside (though we were not entirely joking on this one), you’d be particularly considering moving your business to San Diego if you operate in one of the following industries: tourism (quite obviously); biomedical devices and products; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; clean tech; information and communications tech; aerospace, navigation and maritime tech; apparel manufacturing; fruits and vegetables (quite obviously as well) and horticulture. So how to plan your office relocation to San Diego?

San Diego

Welcome to San Diego!

Start with finding a perfect new office in San Diego

How much space do you need? Are you planning to grow or might need to downgrade at the moment? What type of the lease are you looking for and what about its length? These are the question you need to answer before moving on with searching for your perfect office in a perfect city.

Once you’ve found it (and we really hope you found one with large windows and great views) you need to decide if you want to hire an external office floor planner or you have someone on your team who could help with the interior design. And what about your new office IT infrastructure? Who’s going to take care of that?

Moving to a new office is also a great chance to replace any outdated equipment or overused office furniture you might have. Of course, the main question is – is moving the right time for such an investment? You need to decide. If you choose to go ahead with it, you need to appoint the person in charge. And if anything is to be replaced, how are you going to get rid of it?

Finally, should any paper records be moved to digital? If so, inform your staff about it as soon as possible.

Creating an office relocation plan

It’s time to create your office relocation plan.

Craft your office relocation plan

This is a crucial document for your move. You can choose to create it internally, assigning it to some of your employees, or to hire a reputable moving company to help you with it. In any case, all the particular tasks should be specified in the plan and your employees and professional movers only need to follow it step by step later on. If that’s done properly, the move should be completed within the set timeframe and budget. Here are some tips on how to create your office relocation plan.

Choose the right people

Deal with this particular task as you would with any other appointments in your company. Don’t underestimate this particular project only because you’re not making money out of it. You should actually do quite the opposite, as moving your office means laying a foundation for many more successful projects to come.

Set the dates

This one pretty much depends on when your current lease terminates and when the new one starts. But you should also try to choose the least disturbing time for your company. Moving just before the due date of your major project is certainly not a good idea, even if that means you should move a bit earlier than planned. Make sure to take your company workload into consideration when you set the final date for your office relocation process to be completed.

Set the budget

This is a particular part of your office relocation plan that your team will need to review over and over again during the process so that moving stays within the set budget.

Go for a customized instead of a one-size-fits-all office relocation plan

All the tasks should be listed here, along with all the people who will be in charge, all the deadlines and all the costs, so having a non-customized plan would not make sense. So don’t rush in order to get back to some “more important” projects as soon as possible. This particular one is crucial for the success of all the business projects that are about to come within a certain time.

It’s also very important for a slick and smooth moving process. And this is exactly what you need if looking for a minimal disruption.

Business meeting

Hire a reliable moving company to help you out with your office relocation to San Diego.

How to hire a reliable moving company to help you out?

Or better yet, how to partner with reputable professional movers?

Because this is essentially a partnership as your representatives and professional movers are going to be working side by side for quite some time to have it all done within the budget and the time set for it. How to choose the company that’s best for you? Check if they are offering a customized moving service. You don’t need a company that will just try to get rid of you as soon as possible so that they could move onto their next client (and get rid of them so fast too, so that they could make more money). You need a company that will do their best to help you with this major project.

Finally, let everyone know you’re moving to your new office in San Diego

Your employees should be the first to know, whether you plan to offer them relocation packages or to lay them off. Then you need to notify your business partners and to discuss your joint projects (and future endeavors, if needed). You should also let your customers know about the move. Take this opportunity to reach out to business partners you haven’t talked to in a while and to your customers with some fresh news. You must be excited about the move, so let that excitement shows.

Last, but not the least, update your company website and social media accounts, business cards, stationery, brochures, etc. Your business pretty much depends on other people being able to find you. The competition is always trying to redirect them, so don’t help them do that yourself. It’s best to have someone in charge with the particular tasks, but if not keep an eye on it yourself. It might seem too much to ask at the moment, but stick it out. You’ll soon be in your new San Diego office, with a new life and business chapter just about to start!

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