How to pick a good office moving company

Making the decision for relocating an office is never an easy task for any business owner or CEO. Whether you are looking for a better location, better pool of employees, being closer to new markets or lowering expenses the move will affect your business in many ways. A detailed pre-relocation plan can help you predict the challenges and prepare both yourself and your team for this huge change. Life changing decision like this one should always be looked at like opportunities. Therefore, take a deep breath, it’s planning time! An important part of moving your business to new premises is the relocation process itself. You need to look for a reliable mover that can transport your boxes safely and in a timely manner. When thinking about how to pick a good office moving company you should create an evaluation plan.

First things first – evaluate your relocation expectations and requirements

assess sign to remind you to evaluate your relocation expectations when looking on how to pick a good office moving company

Evaluate the size of your relocation and expectations

Even if you do have a reliable mover in mind, before contacting them you need to create a moving plan. Being aware of the relocation services you might need will help you stay organized and pick a good office moving company. Reputable and verified movers will be able to help you greatly but you will need to be specific about your requirements and wishes. The best time for planning a relocation is ASAP. Therefore, create a moving checklist in advance:

  • Create an initial packing plan and evaluate the size/weight of the company’s possessions you want to relocate. Be aware of the relocation distance as well. 
  • Think about any additional services you might need.
  • Having an additional list of questions will help you decide on how to pick a good office moving company.

Do really need to relocate everything?

Before looking into solutions on how to pick a good office moving company you need to be aware of the size and distance of your relocation. In order to save money during a short distance move, you can hire a reliable local moving company. However, it may be that the same company won’t have the resources for helping you with an interstate move. Even though, you will probably be unable to calculate the exact weight of your possessions, make sure you create a packing list. One of the best tips and hints for your commercial move we can provide you with is to prioritize properly. 

old computer

Is it time to modernize your office computers and supplies? Don’t relocate anything you don’t need.

Do you need to relocate everything your company owns? If you were planning on upgrading your company’s equipment there is no need for relocating the old ones. Make sure you backup your database and try selling or donating the old computers. Some of the office managers that have moved their premises recently have stated that the relocation has been the perfect opportunity for them to rebrand. Therefore if you want to modernize your working space, leave the old desks behind. This will allow you to both save money and relocate faster.

Also, make sure you evaluate the items you want to move as well. Are they fragile or expensive? Do you want to relocate any hazardous items? All of the above can influence your packing material and transport cost. The packing plan, will be helpful during the moving day and let you plan and organize your office move with ease.

Do you need any additional services?

Any reputable mover should be able to provide you with various additional services during your relocation. Packing, unpacking, loading, transport, unloading, unpacking, moving insurance, storage … The list goes on. Create the list of services you might need. This way you will be able to get an accurate quote and calculate your moving budget. 

The relocation questionary for choosing a mover for you commercial relocation

In order to stay organized and on the track you should some additional question for your mover. Therefore, the questionary should include:

  • The questions about the size and distance of your move and its influence on the price. Use the packing list you have already made to create the additional question. 
  • Think of the questions regarding the additional services you want. How much do the cost? 
  • Asking about the company information is important when contacting a mover. How long have they been in business? Can they provide you with a few letters of recommendation? What is their registration number?
  • Create a list of questions that can help you relocate easily. Do they know more about the regulations and licenses you might need for transporting your belongings or products? This can both help your business and let you check the mover’s reliability.

How to pick a good office moving company? – contacting the movers

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Research and contact a few moving companies in order to learn more on how to pick a good office moving company.

After going through the steps above you will be well prepared for contacting the moving companies and checking their reliability. One of the important hints for hiring best office movers in San Diego is to pick a few to choose from. Follow your instinct and choose a few that make a good first impression and follow the steps below.

Step 1: The online research

Lucky as we are, the age we live in provides us with endless ways of obtaining important information online. Therefore, turn to your computer when looking for the initial information on a mover. Visit their website and other online profiles. A reputable moving company will proudly brand both their online presentations as well as their premises. The lack of it as well as the unclear contact and address information should raise a red flag. Look for the online reviews and comments. In addition to this, you can go a step further and contact the FMCSA for a detailed research on a specific mover.

Step 2: The phone call

After choosing a few reputable movers you will need to talk to them. Grab your list of questions and dial. A good office moving company will always answer the phone by their name rather than just: Movers! Keep a close attention to their answers and customer service. A reliable mover will always answer all of your questions. Ask for a quote and additional information on their services. Don’t forget to ask about any additional fees and hidden costs.

Step3: the on-site estimate

The final step of our guide on how to pick a good office moving company is to ask your mover for an on-site estimate. This way you will have an opportunity to meet a member of their staff. Also, this is a great way to get a more accurate quote on your relocation. Make sure you inform the mover about the furniture you want to relocate and warn them about the fragile and hazardous items.

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