My House Sold, Now What? Tips for Moving

You’ve just spent weeks, even months getting your house ready to go on the market to sell. You cleaned, rearranged and hid things so that your home could show in pristine condition in order to get it sold and now it’s under contract. What do you do during the 30-60 days pending period prior to closing day? It’s time to start packing up your home to move because once you sign the papers on closing day, you are required to move out and give the keys over to the new owners.

Tips for moving you should follow

You’ve been so preoccupied with the selling process that you might not have thought about the actual moving process. Where do you start with planning your move? Check out The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group’s tips to ensure a smooth moving transition:

  1. Master To-Do-List: If you want to keep organized and on-schedule for your move create a master to-do-list for yourself so that you do not miss anything. Have to return your cable box or move your satellite service to your new home? Add it to the list. Turn on utilities at your new home? Write it down on your to-do-list. Need to fix the leaky sink prior to closing? You get the idea, having all your tasks for moving in one place will keep you organized and can help the transition go as smooth as possible.
  2. Moving Supplies: No move can be completed without boxes so they become your very best friend during a move. They can hold anything and everything, so be sure to overbuy. After all, it’s better to have too many than not enough. Make sure that you also buy several different size boxes, from small to large too – this gives you good options depending on which rooms you are packing. For example, your laundry room may not need the largest box to keep everything in but your garage might. Be sure to get tape and markers as well to label and seal the boxes so that your belongings are kept safe and properly labeled.
  3. Packing the Moving Truck: There is an art to loading the moving the truck to ensure that ALL of the space is used wisely and a great rule of thumb in ‘Last in, first out.’ When loading up the truck for your move, be sure to think about the essential things that may need to go into your new place first and have them loaded LAST in the moving truck so that they can be the first things out.
  4. Pack an Overnight Bag: Say what? Pack an overnight bag? Yes, on moving day you will not be able to unpack everything so pack an overnight back with extra clothes and toiletries. That way, you will not have to dig around in all of your moving box chaos to find them. When you’ve hit a wall with unpacking for the day, get some rest and use your overnight bag with your essentials to re-charge before continuing to unpack the rest of your belongings.
  5. Change Your Address: Make sure that you change your address with USPS prior to the move so that you do not miss any mail! You can easily do this online at USPS. There is a $1 fee to do that and you will get an email confirmation on the same day – they will forward all of your mail to the address as well. If you aren’t comfortable making this change online, go to your local Post Office and request a Movers Guide Packet. This will include a form to fill out and give to the postal worker to change your address.
  6. Thaw the Fridge: If you’re taking your refrigerator with you to your new place, don’t forget to let it thaw out prior to your move. We recommend letting it defrost the day before your move, this will help avoid a nasty, wet mess the day of moving and prevent it from leaking all over your moving truck and moving boxes or your new home or office during the move.

April Reynolds - The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group

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April Reynolds is the Digital Marketing Director for The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group in the Charlotte, NC area. The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group has helped their customers buy and sell over 10,000 homes across the Greater Charlotte Area since 1989.

May 9, 2018

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