Finding a Family-Friendly Neighborhood : San Diego

You decided San Diego is the right place to move to. Congratulations! It is a great choice. It offers a little bit for everyone – sports, entertainment, relaxation. We wrote about why you should move to San Diego, there are many reasons to do it. But, is it good for you children?  If you think about it, choosing a neighborhood causes many things to change. From where your kids will go to school to adapting to new social life, it is a big milestone for your family. Don’t stress out a lot – we ”ll help you do it! Finding a family-friendly neighborhood is a difficult task, but here are some tips and a list of some good choices that will help you.

Finding a family-friendly neighborhood in San Diego isn't always easy because it offers a variety of choices

San Diego is an attractive location for families

Find important information

Be prepared. You need to find some basic (and also detailed) info about the city. First, you
can ask friends and family who live in San Diego. Ask the ones who are young parents like you, or who were
in similar situation. They can help you with their experiences, problems and other information from their neighborhoods. You can also ask your real-estate agent, they usually know everything about the neighborhoods they work in. But be careful – they may only want to sell you a house. So take that into consideration when trusting their opinion. Next, you can check websites that offer information about the city and find everything you need – list of public schools, banks, hospitals, etc. Also check the map and the list of all neighborhoods in this city, to see what would be the best location for you.

What are your priorities when finding a family-friendly neighborhood?

Sit with your partner and discuss what are your priorities when finding a family-friendly neighborhood in this city. One of the things could be a public school or preschool. Consider which ones your kids can walk to, or if they need to take a bus. If you drive them to school, take that into account, in order not to waste a lot of time every day in your car. Other factors you can think about is if there is a pool, a sports center, a community center or similar things you might need close to your home. Playground or a park at a walking distance is always a significant factor when you think about your free time. Is there a shopping area that you might enjoy? A good supermarket or a shopping mall is always good to have nearby. And last, but not the least, where is your office? How long you need to commute to work? So, figure out what of these things are the most important for you and your family, and then you can start looking. We suggest making a list of positive and negative features of the neighborhoods that you’ve chosen and then decide.

Finding a Family-Friendly Neighborhood : San Diego

Finding the best neighborhood should be your top priority when moving to San Diego

Top choices when finding a family-friendly neighborhood in San Diego

We made a list of some neighborhoods in the city, to help you decide which one is the best for your family. We’ve taken into account all of the things a family would need, so we hope it will help you with your decision.

Pacific highlands ranch

According to some of the reviews, this part of the city is ranked number one on the list. Why is that? Well, the neighborhood is quite wealthy, clean and offers a lot. With the population of around 10,000, most of the people own their homes. Around 80% percent of homes are owned, the other 20% are rental. Also, 26 percent of its residents are children, which makes it a family-friendly place. The crime rate is quite low as well. Here you can also check the list of all public schools in this cozy, suburban area.


This neighborhood has a population of around 25,000, which makes it a small city inside a bigger one. Even though the house prices may be a bit higher – the area offers a lot. Variety of great public schools, low crime rate are the characteristics of a family-friendly area. Coronado’s picturesque streets and beautiful landscapes attract many families.

Finding a Family-Friendly Neighborhood : San Diego

Coronado, neighborhood with beautiful beaches

Carmel Mountain

This beautiful, safe,  family-friendly area has everything you need for your kids. Attractive homes, which you can find at bargain prices, are perfect for family gatherings and fun. They are located mostly in dead-end streets, where kids can come out and play without you worrying about them. Additionally, some of the best schools are located in Carmel Mountain. Holidays are always celebrated with festive lights when families make new friends, offer drinks and invite neighbors to their homes.

University city

If your family loves outdoor activities, you will enjoy this beautiful neighborhood. Safe streets and homes are located close to freeways, so you will have no trouble commuting to work or visiting other parts of the city. With the population of around 32,000, it offers everything you might need on daily basis – shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants. There are five public schools to choose from, which is always an advantage. The University of California is nearby, so a lot of educated people live in the area.

We made this short list of some neighborhoods that you might consider. Based on many factors, like crime rates, sports facilities, schools, parks you should decide what is best for you and your family.  These are not the only family-friendly areas in San Diego, you can consider some other as well, like Del Mar, La Jolla, or Mira Mesa. After you decide where to move, another difficult task would be packing and moving with your children. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – we wrote about how to pack with your kids, too. Also, you need to remember one more thing – there is no place which is absolutely perfect. You’ll always find something that maybe doesn’t fit your needs or preferences, but don’t let that stop you from choosing a good neighborhood. After all, you start your new life there, and you will change or adapt to come things that you thought you don’t like at first. You’ll meet new friends and neighbors, and they’ll share their experiences with you.

We wish you luck in finding a family-friendly neighborhood in San Diego – and starting your new adventure. Also, after you move, don’t forget to check out some of the secret gems of San Diego– you will enjoy, we promise!

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