Moving your office from San Diego to Toronto

March 21, 2018

How to organize the process of overseas office relocation? When moving your office from San Diego to Toronto, a good organization is a crucial thing if you want successful move. That’s why we bring you few tips how to organize and handle your office move from San Diego to Toronto.

Reasons why entrepreneurs should move to Brooklyn

February 20, 2018

For such a long time, if you wanted to create a start-up, you had to go to Silicon Valley. It was the synonym for business. But, recently with the entrepreneur focus moving around the country, some other options appeared for those who aspire to be successful. Brooklyn and New York, in general,…

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh

November 15, 2017

Moving your business from San Diego to Pittsburgh is definitely a big deal. You have to plan a lot and to coordinate with people and other details. Relocation like this should not be done impulsively. But, also, it shouldn’t be hard and overwhelming for you. Moving your business from San…

Tips for moving the office from San Diego to New York

September 13, 2017

Moving your home is one of the most difficult experiences you’ll have in your life. Moving your office is probably the only thing that might appear to be harder than that. Given that you, as a business owner, need to organize the process, we decided to help you with a…

How to prepare for a long distance move

March 27, 2017

The moment you mention moving so many different emotions emerge – stress, anxiety, fear… Moving has proven to be one of the most difficult things out there and if you are by any chance preparing for a long distance move, you might encounter even more nerve wrecking experiences. There are…

Goodbye to clutter: get rid of things when moving

March 13, 2017

Even after a couple of months of living in the same space, you start to make small piles of things you do not necessarily need. What if those piles slowly start to get bigger while you weren’t paying attention and now you are stuck with a whole bunch of things…

How to unpack after moving a house

March 2, 2017

Moving is never an easy task and as soon as you finish with one  stage a new one appears with all of its stressful complications. We have previously written advices about how to prepare yourself for the actual move, how to save money and even which location to pick. But…

Moving by yourself? You should know these things!

February 22, 2017

There are a lot of milestones in your life that will make you nervous and excited at the same time, and moving by yourself is definitely on the top of that list. It doesn’t matter if you are just moving out of your family home or you have chosen to…

Why you should move to West coast

February 14, 2017

The never-ending debate about which coast is better is about to be resolved! We, as someone who is representing west coast have no intention of letting you go to the East and miss all the fun and amazingness that is going on over here. That is why, our dear readers,…

Best places to move if you are single

February 3, 2017

Although being single is now practically a part of the mainstream culture, it isn’t really for everyone. If you are young, looking for companion and having trouble finding someone to spend some time together, it might not be because of you. We are no experts when it comes to keeping…