Top 5 activities you will love after moving to San Diego

Museum on the water… Carne asada burrito…Hot air ballooning… Yup, these are just some of the activities that you will love after moving to San Diego. Not to mention that with moving to San Diego you will have 69°F during the most of the year, they call it Sun Diego for nothing. San Diego refers to Saint Didacus (San Diego de Alcalá), a missionary man in Spain that later on became a saint. The city itself is the birthplace of California where it is considered the second largest city, also it is the eighth largest city in the US. Moving to San Diego will provide you more options overall. Starting with the museum on the water that this city has, we will elaborate the rest of the activities that you will love after moving to San Diego.

What are the activities you will love after moving to San Diego?

The city itself provides a lot of fun. In America’s greatest city (the nickname the city has) you will find seals catching some sun at famous San Diego’s beaches. Along with the beaches, there come the water sports activities. Surfing on the La Jolla beach will always make you ask for more. Whether you are coming home from work or hanging out with your friends, you will always have the possibility to catch the waves and light a fire on a beach once you are in San Diego. Kayaking is another water sport you should try in San Diego, as this city has more than 57 miles of the coastline. If that does not make you move to San Diego, nothing else can.

Exploring the caves, some even outside of the city (if you are a true adventurer) will make you shake your everyday routine. If you combine it with kite surfing or rafting, you will never get bored once you move to San Diego. There is so much to do. Do not forget those hiking and biking trails.

A man on a beach wanting to surf.

Surfing is something you should do right after moving to San Diego.

Is there more?

The third thing that will persuade you to love San Diego is definitely this small donkey – the reason why all restaurants are always full. A mixture of different cultures in this city leads to the creation of a multicultural cuisine that will invite you for a visit, and make you stay here for good. Once a part of Mexico, now of USA, San Diego’s variety of food is vast, from fish tacos to the Muddy Pig and passing to many more. But let’s start with the basics, small donkey.

Small donkey

Small donkey or burrito, as they name it, owes its creation to the people of Mexico who used the donkeys for transport and tortillas to wrap the food many years ago. Further development led to adding souses and many other ingredients (mostly from Texan cuisine) That are now being served as California burrito. It consists of carne asada meat (roast beef), French fries, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. Write this down for your beginner’s guide for moving to San Diego. Of course, you may add to tortilla some of your own favorite flavors and ingredients. You may find these fresh ingredients on the Farmer’s markets during the weekend.

Moving to San Diego can make a change in your occupation or your everyday cooking. Food is locally grown making those markets full of guavas, pomegranates, limes, avocados. This homegrown variety of food can only be found in San Diego. You will eat healthy (or not) and taste unthinkable combinations of cuisine, such as macaroni, cheese, and shredded duck or ice cream sandwich. Once you move to San Diego, you should definitely explore the vibrant cuisine of the Little Italy Mercato farmers’ market. Additionally, you should clear your Sunday schedule and visit the Hillcrest farmers’ market. During your visit to the Ocean Beach farmers’ market, you can enjoy some live music. However, there are many more markets, and you will certainly find one that will make you fall in love with San Diego.

Homegrown food.

This is just the beginning of your adventure!

Hot Air Ballooning

The activity number four that will make you move to San Diego is hot air ballooning. Not every town has that view or the possibility. You can explore the entire bay, wildlife and different colors of the sky whenever you feel like it. There are no words to describe this experience, you need to live it to understand the feeling of being high in the clouds, checking the Temecula’s wine valley. Of course, wine tasting in a balloon is a must. We hope that all of these activities will help make a decision towards San Diego. Our last and maybe best asset (next to wine) is the San Diego craft beer.

Hot air balloon.

Hot air ballooning is something you must try out right after moving to San Diego.

Craft beers


Our last recommendation for activities that you will love after moving to San Diego is the variety of the city’s craft beers. According to some, San Diego is a craft beer capital of America. The quality of San Diego’s beers has been confirmed at Great American Beer Festival in 2017 when San Diego brought home more than 10 awards. Craft breweries started expanding around two decades ago, with the Karl Strauss. Furthermore, Stone Brewing, one of the most popular breweries, started expanding the business to another continent and found a place of their own under the sun of Berlin. We advise you to prepare your senses for the exploration of numerous beer festivals once you move to San Diego. Please note that the public drinking is against the law in San Diego.

We believe that visiting USS Midway, kayaking to La Jolla’s caves, drinking wine in the clouds, making fresh juices and tasting craft beers are top 5 activities that you will love after moving to San Diego. And if that is not enough, please be aware that you are 45 minutes away from the Mexican border. It cost less to live here than in LA or San Francisco, especially if you are moving for business. If you believe that these 5 activities will make you adore San Diego, start planning how to move.

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